In the morning we will serve you with a choice of cereals, homemade granola, Greek yogurt and compote of stewed fruit, and a traditional Aga-cooked breakfast including local sausages bacon, mushrooms, fried potatoes, grilled tomatoes and free range eggs. There is a choice of toast or fresh homemade bread (……..though we have to admit in the bread maker!!) and many of our guests opt to have this un-toasted!

We can offer you homemade Glamorgan sausages as a vegetarian alternative and are happy to cater for special diets - just let us know your requirements.

Also we can prepare you a packed lunch to take with you for the day if you would like us to.

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Brandy House Schedule

maricon.jpgBrandy House Open Day

March 19th 2016

mayicon.jpgSavvy Camp  
May 16th-21st 2016
Alison Jones 

junicon.jpgTREC Training Holiday
June 7th-11th 2016
Helen Wain and Tot Wall 


Rider Biomechanics
Body Work Clinic 
June 24th-26th 2016
Fran Griffith

julicon.jpgParelli UK Funtastic Horsemanship
July 9th-10th 2016
Sam Caporn 

julicon.jpgParelli UK Creative Horsemanship
July 16th-17th 2016
Sam Caporn

augicon.jpgRider Biomechanics
Body Work Clinic
Aug 12th-14th 2016
Fran Griffith

augicon.jpgEquine Health and Emergency First-Aid
Instructor Training
Aug 22-14 2016
Equi-Health Canada 

sepicon.jpgGroundwork and Ridden Horsemanship skills 
September 13th - 17th 2016
Sally Brett

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