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CaraPOD Glamp

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We originally gutted and refurbished our caravan for our volunteers to stay in .... But so many of our guests have commented on how gorgeous it is that we have decided to let it out as a glamp :)

Whats inside?

2 beds; one that can be either single or pulls out to make a double at one end of the caravan, at the other is a single day bed that doubles as a sofa.  

There is power so you have light, a kettle and a small fridge.  

There is a gorgeous little woodland garden that the CaraPOD sits in where there is space for a BBQ or fire-pit (both available for hire) or camping cooker (bring your own)

Whats included?

Linen & towels & electricity

What about toilet and shower facilities?

There is a waterless toilet nearby that is shared with other guests and there is a flushing loo and shower with hot and cold water at the farmstead approx 50 yards away.

To Book Please contact us directly

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maricon.jpgBody Work & Posture Clinic
Mar 16th-18th 2018
Fran Griffith 

mayicon.jpgParelli Savvy Camp  
May 14-18 2018
May 21-25 2018 
Alison Jones 

junicon.jpgCore and Posture
Biomechanics for Horse & Rider
June 15th -17th 2018
Fran Griffith 

augicon.jpgHorsemanship week
Aug 28th - Sep 1st 2018
Sally Brett 

sepicon.jpgCore and Posture
Biomechanics for Horse and Rider 
Sep 21st-23rd 2018
Fran Griffith

octicon.jpgTREC Experience
Oct 5th - 7th  2018
Your Horse is your mirror