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Love living outdoors all year round whatever the weather and stay in our MorphPOD  where you can look forward to a warm comfortable night's sleep for up to four people. If you don't want to bring your sleeping bag you can order bed linen for the pull down beds. MorphPOD is fully insulated and comes equipped with an electric heater if you need a bit of extra warmth. 

MorphPOD is fully insulated and sleep up to 4 with 2 drop down beds and mattresses and additional fold out mattresses which are ideal for the children, (bring your own bedding).

It is really spacious and one of the only camping PODs out there boasting a floor to ceiling double glazed window with a gorgeous view.  The canopied veranda, allows you to cook, store your bike and has enough space for four people to eat out under the stars or be sheltered from the rain.

If you love camping this allows you to experience outdoor living with ease and extra comfort. A camper's breakfast can even be brought to MorphPOD's stable door for you to enjoy under the canopied veranda.

There are toilet and shower facilities at the farmstead and waterless eco toilet 20 yards from MorphPOD

This high quality camping experience is the camping of the future! 


Photograph by Trish Ellis

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Brandy House Schedule

maricon.jpgBrandy House Open Day

March 19th 2016

mayicon.jpgSavvy Camp  
May 16th-21st 2016
with Alison Jones 


Rider Biomechanics 
June 25th-26th 2016
with Fran Griffith
Rider Biomechanics and Trail riding

augicon.jpgLevel 3-4 Clinic 
August 18th-21st 2016
with Lyla Cansfield 
A four day clinic with the opportunity to trail ride in the stunning surrounding countryside.

junicon.jpgTREC Training Holiday
June 7th-11th 2016
with Helen Wain and Tot Wall 

augicon.jpgRider Biomechanics
Aug 13th-14th 2016
with Fran Griffith
Rider Biomechanics and Trail riding 

sepicon.jpgShared Lessons  
September 13th - 17th 2016
with Sally Brett & Jody Ruysen 

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