If you love living outdoors then our camping pods enable you to enjoy the back to basic approach of camping but without the hassle of pitching a tent!


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How many PODs are there?
Our Original POD; Willow POD sleeps 2 adults and 2 children and is beautifully placed with its own garden and terrace.  Our two smaller PODs; sycamore and Laurel PODs will be available for 2017 (each sleeping 2 adults) are adjacent to each other and placed in a secluded area of the Brandy House grounds.

What are they like?
Our POD's are architect designed by MorphPOD and built to a very high spec.  They are very spacious with an extensive canopied veranda with table and chairs.  They have amazing large double glazed picture windows so that you can enjoy our lovely views and a feeling of the outside.

Are there beds?  
Yes, the beds are drop down beds that clip up during the day so that you have plenty of room inside the POD .. Morph POD has  2 fold out beds (ideal for children) in addition to the drop down beds.

Are there lights?
Each POD has its own rechargable light and you will need a torch

How warm are they?
All our Pods are built to a very high standard and have excellent insulation so are snug and warm.   There is supplementary heating (via oil fired radiator) available in Willow POD.  The 2 new PODs will be completely off grid.

What do I need to bring?
Everything that you would do if you were camping except the tent! 

How far away is the toilet and shower?
There is a toilet and shower for your use at the farmstead . (approx 50 meters from each POD .  In addition there is a waterless eco-toilet approx 10 meters away from MorphPOD

Can I bring my dog?
Yes! but we ask that dogs arent left by themselves in PODs  (note we do have free range chickens)

Can I hire a fire pit?
Yes - and we have patio areas especially for your fire pit -  a perfect way to spend the evening - toasting marshmallows over the fire .. mmmmm

Where can I cook?
You are welcome to cook under the veranda, we ask that you dont cook inside the POD 

But what if I dont want to cook?
Breakfasts are our speciality - You can book either a POD breakfast where we will bring breakfast to you, or a full dinging room breakfast in the farmhouse.  There is a lovely pub a short drive away (2 miles) which does great food. 

What is the Rayburn Room?
This is a 'common' room where there is a microwave, kettle and small fridge and freezer.  There are plug sockets there so you can charge phones and wifi too  

How far is the nearest shop?
There is a small shop 2 miles away but other than that Knighton is our nearest shopping (9 miles)  

Unanswered Question?
The do please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you Contact Us 

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Brandy House Schedule

julicon.jpgParelli Level 3/ 4 clinic
July 17th - 21st 2017
Sam Caporn 

augicon.jpgHorsemanship week
Aug 29th - Sep 2nd 2017
Sally Brett 

sepicon.jpgCore and Posture
Biomechanics for Horse and Rider 
September 22nd - 24th 2017
Fran Griffith

octicon.jpgTREC Experience
Oct 13-15 2017
Your Horse is your mirror 

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Nov 17 - 19
Fran Griffith 

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May 14-18 2018
May 21-25 2018 
Alison Jones 

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