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Red Cedar Eco Hot-Tubs 

We hired one, we tried it.. and we fell in love with it soooo kept it for our Tractor Shed guests to hire as we did. .. and it has proved so popular that we are having another one in 2018; especially for our BarnEnd guests. Meaning that both of our cottages will have their own exclusive hot tub.

They sit so perfectly in their terraced gardens and are delight to both look at and use.  

Indulgence and luxury combined with eco-responsibility in the open air

Our Western Red Cedar Hot Tub and really fits with Brandy House green ethos - no chemicals - no electricity – no noisy pumps - no underwater lights - no plastic - no bubbles... It is a totally unique experience, where you can listen to the crackling of the fire you have created and enjoy the smell of the burning wood and aroma of red-cedar as the water heats up.  Heating using wood is part of the ritual,  as the fire gets going and the water temperature rises so does the anticipation. Just warm water heated by the fire and an opportunity lie back and star gaze … A totally relaxing and de-stressing experience.

We recommend that you consult your doctor if you are pregnant or if you have any kind of heart or respiratory problems before using the hot tub.

Prior booking is essential, as each hire period requires a fresh fill of water.  It takes 1600 litres of water, which takes around 4 hours to fill, and then the fire takes 4-6 hours to bring it up to temperature.   It takes between 3-6 barrows of well-seasoned wood to heat the water and we use a locally sourced (one of our neighbours!) renewable supply of mixed hard and soft wood.   Once it is up to temperature the insulating properties of the Red Cedar mean that it only loses a few degrees over night and so is easily brought up again with a fire for about an hour. 

Hot-Tub Familiarisation :

We will prepare the hot tub for you so you can experience it on your first evening and will teach you how to light the fire to bring it up to temperature for the rest of  your hire period.  If you are diligent about showering before you bathe then the water lasts for 3 days. If like many of our guests you would like to hire for an additional period  there needs to be a day between for draining, re-filling, sanitising and re-heating the tub.