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Solution Seekers Workshop for horse owners

Date:  March 3rd 2014

Leader: Maxine Easey


This 1 day workshop can be attended with or without your own horse. The host’s resident horses will be used for teaching and demonstrations.

This course follows on from the 2 day intensive introduction to the science of how animals learn.

As such it is a good way to see the practical application of the use of positive reinforcement and force-free desensitisation processes in practice and is suitable either for people who have recently been introduced to the theory, or who now need more hands-on help with its application.

Max’s aim in this workshop is to meet the specific requirements of attendees.

That will include both looking at behaviours that participants wish to teach or improve, as well as looking at how to produce horses that are calm, relaxed and confident and therefore much less likely to exhibit problem behaviours.

Some of the solutions for teaching these behaviours will be demonstrated using simulations in the classroom, but for the most part we will work with the horses to see how to get started and how to accomplish teaching the solutions we seek.

The course is a mix of lecture, video, group and individual exercises.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who has attended a two day basic / intensive course in how animals learn with Max.

It is for anyone involved with any animal (but particularly with horses) who wants long term solutions that involve a significant reduction in the use of pressure to communicate and motivate their animal partner.

It is for people who want to see more of how to apply positive reinforcement to produce desirable behaviours, and how to systematic desensitisation and counter conditioning processes to build confidence and focus.


£75 for the day.

Price includes all tuition, light refreshments and use of the excellent Brandy House facilities.

Accommodation for horses, and accommodation, lunch and dinner for humans can be arranged when booking. 


For further information and to book your place please contact Medina at the Brandy House or complete the form below.

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