TREC Experience

Experience TREC at The Brandy House with Julia & Eric McHugh  with a flexible format including classroom sessions and plenty of opportunity to practice the different elements of TREC in a safe, fun , non-competetive environment.  Hone your skills if you have TREC experience or find out what it is all about and if you don't.   We have both  permanent (including staircase, steps and bridge) and temporary PTV obstacles. There is fabulous off-road riding and we have some great POR routes to challenge your orienteering skills - there is something for everyone whatever your level of experience..... come and enjoy ... but only 12 places available.      more details ....


POR Map Reading Training

Spend a horseless weekend  at the Brandy House learning and improving your map reading skills with Phil Weaver from TRAC (TREC Riders Association Cwmru) - A great way to start the year whether you want to have fun hacking in unfamiliar country, trail ride or compete in TREC events. Phil is extremely experienced  and provides excellent training which is fun and interactive. - This really is a weekend not to miss!    more details .....    

Whether you have experience of TREC or are new to the sport it will be a great opportunity to put purpose to what you do, practice and expand your skills in a fun environment with like minded folks.  

Please contact Medina at the Brandy House for more information or use the form below...

 POR Training
 TREC Experience - May
 TREC Experience - Aug

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