POR Map Reading Training

Sunday 28th June 2015
Learn and improve your map reading skills with Phil Weaver from TRAC (TREC Riders Association Cwmru) - Great skills whether you want to have fun hacking in unfamiliar country, trail ride or compete in TREC events. Phil is extremely experienced  and provides excellent training which is fun and interactive. - This really is a weekend not to miss!    more details .....    

Whether you have experience of TREC or are new to the sport it will be a great opportunity to put purpose to what you do, practice and expand your skills in a fun environment with like minded folks.

TREC Training Holiday

Tuesday 30th June to Sunday 5 July 2015

The camp will offer training in all phases of TREC including POR with a guide to push the boundaries of your map reading skills with the safety of a guide to get you home if you struggle and/or help with navigating

We have booked two experienced TREC trainers, Helen Wain & Tot Wall, as well as Medina & Karen.

We will have use of a wood chip arena and permanent PTV obstacles on grass for the formal training, and will set up a full course of TREC obstacles which can be used as part of the training, maybe a mini competition one day?

We will also be taking full advantage of the Beacon Hill Crown Estate; Approx 6000 acre area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. But of more interest to us it has many bridle paths and Open Access areas offering plenty of opportunity to challenge and test your map reading skills.

More Details: Provisional itinerary and costs .....


Please contact Medina at the Brandy House for more information or use the form below...

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 TREC Training Holiday

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