POR Training

Next dates :  28th June 2015

Spend a horseless weekend  at the Brandy House learning and improving your map reading skills with Phil Weaver from TRAC (TREC Riders Association Cwmru) - A great way to start the year whether you want to have fun hacking in unfamiliar country, trail ride or compete in TREC events. Phil is extremely experienced  and provides excellent training which is fun and interactive. - This really is a weekend not to miss!                        

Over the weekend we will be covering the following ........................... 

  • An introduction to map reading, reading contour lines & features that are useful to help you navigate a route, map scales & different sorts of map, 

  • An introduction to the compass: how it works & how to take & follow a bearing.

  • Understanding and plotting routes using 4 fig, 6 fig, & 8 fig Grid References. 

  • Understanding back bearings & aiming off, how to do them & when they might be useful.

  • Techniques for map copying and saving time in the map room.

  • Calculating distances and working out speeds and timings…                                                                                               


Whether you have experience of Map Reading, do TREC or are new to it this will be a great opportunity to learn and improve on existing skills in a fun environment with like minded folks.

To book a place please contact Medina at the Brandy House or complete the form below 

 POR Training
 TREC Training Holiday

Brandy House Schedule

maricon.jpgBrandy House Open Day

March 19th 2016

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May 16th-21st 2016
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Rider Biomechanics 
June 25th-26th 2016
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Rider Biomechanics and Trail riding

augicon.jpgLevel 3-4 Clinic 
August 18th-21st 2016
with Lyla Cansfield 
A four day clinic with the opportunity to trail ride in the stunning surrounding countryside.

junicon.jpgTREC Training Holiday
June 7th-11th 2016
with Helen Wain and Tot Wall 

augicon.jpgRider Biomechanics
Aug 13th-14th 2016
with Fran Griffith
Rider Biomechanics and Trail riding 

sepicon.jpgShared Lessons  
September 13th - 17th 2016
with Sally Brett & Jody Ruysen 

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