TREC Experience

Experience TREC at The Brandy House with Julia & Eric McHugh  with a flexible format including classroom sessions and plenty of opportunity to practice the different elements of TREC in a safe, fun , non-competetive environment.  Hone your skills if you have TREC experience or find out what it is all about and if you don't.   We have both  permanent (including staircase, steps and bridge) and temporary PTV obstacles. There is fabulous off-road riding and we have some great POR routes to challenge your orienteering skills - there is something for everyone whatever your level of experience..... come and enjoy ... but only 12 places available.

Day 1 

COP & PTV Phases
(control of Paces and Obstacles) 

Both temporary and permanent (including staircase, steps & bridge) TREC obstacles for you to try and practice and  Control of Paces for you to time yourself and practice with too

Day 2

(Orienteering on horseback)

POR practice with Medina and Karen who are experienced guides and know the terrain well which gives you the opportunity to practice your map reading skills and/or timing.  Map reading practice over 10k in small groups with simulated checkpoints and examples of tickets.  12-25k routes available and/or grid referenced route for those with more experience who want to practice higher level skills

Day 3 (Optional)

If you want to stay and ride another POR route you are welcome to ride one of the other routes or pick a route from the Brandy House route portfolio.   Guiding is available.

Whether you have experience of TREC or are new to the sport it will be a great opportunity to put purpose to what you do, practice and expand your skills in a fun environment with like minded folks.

Cost:  £70 for 2 days with the option of staying on for the third at no extra cost.

Accommodation and livery available on site

Please contact Medina at the Brandy House for more information or use the form below......  

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