Parelli Clinics at BHF

augicon.jpgMon 11th - Fri 14th Aug 2014

Lyla Cansfield 
4* Parelli licensed instructor

A four day clinic to develop your savvy in Levels 3 & 4   Read further details >

Online & Freestyle Shared Lessons


Mon Sept 8th – 12th 2014

Sally Brett & Jody Ruysen
both 3* Parelli Licensed Instructors

5 days at the Brandy House to focus on your horsemanship, be in beautiful surroundings in the Welsh hills and have a some fun along the way!!   Read further details >

apricon.jpgApril 2015 

Jamie Evans
3* Parelli Licensed Instructor and Horse Development Specialist

Daily horsemanship lessons for students with their own horses which will include some classroom theory, plenty of hands-on horse care (barefoot trimming / grooming / massage & nutrition) and of course lessons in the 1st 3 savvys ( on-line, liberty & freestyle). PLUS unlimited trail riding over the breathtaking Welsh hills, which are on the doorstep.

Jamie has developed the ISP to run alongside a 4 week Colt Start / Horse Development intake.  ISP students will have the opportunity to audit / take part / work with & care for these horses as they go through huge changes & learn to cope in humansville!  Read further details >

Colt Start

apricon.jpgApril  2015

Jamie Evans
3* Parelli Licensed Instructor and Horse Development Specialist

Whether your horse is coming to us to be started, re-started or to work through particular issues, the aim of the month is for horses & their owners to go home with the building blocks in place to be able to confidently:                            

a. Understand Parelli’s 7 games 
b. Walk, trot & canter (both leads) on line & ridden
c. Be able to hack out alone & with other horses 
Read further details >

 Savvy Camp 

mayicon.jpg2015 (dates to be confirmed)
Alison Jones
4* Parelli Licensed Instructor 


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