Parelli Clinics at BHF

apricon.jpgApril 6th - 1st 2015 

Jamie Evans
3* Parelli Licensed Instructor and Horse Development Specialist

Daily horsemanship sessions for students with their own horses which will include some theory, plenty of hands-on horse care and lots of riding.  You will have the opportunity to watch, take part, work with and care for horses Jamie has in for development and starting.    Read further details >

Horse Development and Starting Month

apricon.jpgApril 6th - 1st 2015

 Jamie Evans
3* Parelli Licensed Instructor and Horse Development Specialist

Whether your horse is coming to us to be started, re-started or to work through particular issues, the aim of the month is for horses & their owners to go home with the building blocks in place to be able to confidently:                            

a. Understand Parelli’s 7 games 
b. Walk, trot & canter (both leads) on line & ridden
c. Be able to hack out alone & with other horses 
Read further details >

Private and Shared lessons

mayicon.jpgMay 4th -8th
 Jamie Evans
3* Parelli Licensed Instructor and Horse Development Specialist


 Savvy Camp 

 mayicon.jpgMay 11th - 15th 2015

Alison Jones
4* Parelli Licensed Instructor 

Level 3 / 4 Clinic 

augicon.jpgMon June 1st - 4th 2015

Lyla Cansfield 
4* Parelli licensed instructor

A four day clinic to develop your savvy in Levels 3 & 4   Read further details >

Shared Lesson Week


Mon Sept 7th – 11th 2015

Sally Brett & Jody Ruysen
both 3* Parelli Licensed Instructors

5 days at the Brandy House to focus on your horsemanship, be in beautiful surroundings in the Welsh hills and have a some fun along the way!!   Read further details >


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Brandy House Schedule


Horse development and starting with Jamie Evans
April 6th -  May 1st 2015


Ride with Jamie
April 5th - May 1st 2015

mayicon.jpgPrivate Lessons with Jamie
May 4th - 8th 2015

mayicon.jpgMay Makeover
May 8 - 10 2015
Rider Biomechanics, Trail Riding and a bit of pampering too
Prepare for the Season ahead

mayicon.jpgSavvy Camp  
May 11-15 2015
with Alison Jones 

junicon.jpgLevel 3-4 Clinic 
June 1-4 2015
with Lyla Cansfield 
 A four day clinic with the opportunity to trail ride in the stunning surrounding countryside.


Rhythm & Regularity
June 19-21 2015
Rider Biomechanics, Trail riding and a bit of pampering too.
Ride to Music and improve your scores

junicon.jpgPOR Training
28th June 2015

julicon.jpgTREC Training Holiday
Jun 30th - July 5th 2015

augicon.jpgSummer Sizzler
Aug 21-23 2015
Rider Biomechanics, trail riding and a bit of pampering too 

sepicon.jpgShared Lessons  
Sep 7th - 11th 2015 
with Sally Brett & Jody Ruysen 

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