4 day Horsenality Clinic

27th - 30th March 2014


Jamie Evans

3* Parelli Licensed Instructor and Horse Development Specialist


This is for those interested in gaining a more in-depth understanding of the Parelli horsenalities.  You will gain an in depth knowledge of strategies on how to play with each horsenality when it appears and you will develop a firm grasp of how your own human-ality will interact with each horsenality. There will be a focus on understanding the positive qualities of each horsenality with ways to develop these qualities in your horse.

This clinic will involve classroom information,  discussions and simulations around different horseanalities, demonstrations to watch with different horsenlities and hands on help with reading and understanding your own horse. 

This clinic will be of interest to students no matter what level you are playing in, (it is however a pre-requisite to have an understanding of the 7 games).

It will be appropriate for you whether or not you have been to previous horsenality clinics.   For those students who have studied horsenality before it is further opportunity to deepen your knowledge and understanding moving into more centering exercises.


Early bird (to be paid in full by Jan 1st 2014)  £380

Early bird Horseless (to be paid in full by Jan 1st 2014)  £200

Regular Price (to be paid in full two weeks prior to clinic) £460

Horseless Price (to be paid in full two weeks prior to clinic) 280


For further info and to book your place please email Sue (ukwombatsue@gmail.com) or call her on 01989 770990 or 07966 620356

Contact Medina at the Brandy House to check accommodation availability for you and your horse.

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