Developing Trail Savvy

Date 27th & 28th April 2013

Jamie Evans2013-04-05_11.48.41_800x600.jpg

3* Parelli Licensed Instructor and Horse Development Specialist


Jamie and will be addressing different horsenalities on the trail, and looking at strategies for managing and enhancing the qualities of each.  You will have the opportunity to develop skills to set you and your horse up for success, safety and fun on the trail!  

The plan is to utilise the arena, playfield and the open hill to develop trail savvy to really build confidenc in both horses and riders.

(Early bird price £285 book by Jan 1st 2014 - £285) 


For further info and to book your place please email Sue ( or call her on 01989 770990 or 07966 620356

Contact Medina at the Brandy House to check accommodation availability for you and your horse.

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