Level 3 / 4  Clinic

August 18 - 21 2016                

Lyla_370x199.jpgLyla Cansfield
4* Parelli licensed instructor

Information This will be our sixth year hosting for Lyla who really uses our unique environment to develop her students .......... A four day clinic aimed at students riding in Level 3/4, with the opportunity to trail ride in the stunning surrounding countryside.

Spend time developing your Online and Freestyle skills to prepare for the trail riding as a group. A great opportunity to ride over this beautiful wild but not rugged Welsh terrain with 'like-minded' friends. 

Visit Lylas Website http://www.playlikeahorse.com


Please book directly with Lyla by emailing info@playlikeahorse.co.uk or calling Nicole on 07870808589

Contact Medina at the Brandy House or complete the form below for further information.


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