Ride with Jamie

April 6th - May 1st 2015


Jamie Evans

3* Parelli Licensed Instructors and Horse Development Specialist

This course is a great confidence booster & a way to recognise your strengths & weaknesses, learn how to draw from them & progress. Jamie will be living on-site & always available to answer questions & help with horsemanship but there is also ample opportunity to spend time working it out for yourself in a safe environment with help close by, which makes this course fantastic for developing an independence in your horsemanship for when we all have to go home & do it by ourselves! (If you need to be told what to do every minute of the day then this is not the course for you!!)

SO, if you would like to be more confident & experienced around a variety of different horses / horsenalities, would like to improve your horsemanship with your own horse, would like to be more independent & progressive and enjoy an 8am-8pm day (or until it's too dark to see your horse) then get in touch to secure your place



For further info Please contact Jamie developyourhorse@gmail.com or call him on 07403 465688

Contact Medina at the Brandy House to check accommodation availability for you and your horse.

Or complete the form below for more information

 Ride with Jamie
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Brandy House Schedule

maricon.jpgBrandy House Open Day

March 19th 2016

mayicon.jpgSavvy Camp  
May 16th-21st 2016
with Alison Jones 


Rider Biomechanics 
June 25th-26th 2016
with Fran Griffith
Rider Biomechanics and Trail riding

augicon.jpgLevel 3-4 Clinic 
August 18th-21st 2016
with Lyla Cansfield 
A four day clinic with the opportunity to trail ride in the stunning surrounding countryside.

junicon.jpgTREC Training Holiday
June 7th-11th 2016
with Helen Wain and Tot Wall 

augicon.jpgRider Biomechanics
Aug 13th-14th 2016
with Fran Griffith
Rider Biomechanics and Trail riding 

sepicon.jpgShared Lessons  
September 13th - 17th 2016
with Sally Brett & Jody Ruysen 

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