Savvy Camp 

May 16 - 20 2016

Instructor Alison Jones 4* Licensed Parelli Professional


I cant better Viv’s description of her savvy camp experience………… read on


‘Hideous views, crappy food, boring students and gruelling lessons…. Seriously why would I want everyone to know, is nothing sacred!!??

The Savvy camp is a special thing. You spend the week in a bubble, a bubble where everyone wants to be there, everyone shares your passion and you are not weird!! We ate great food cooked by Richard in the lovely Brandy house and shared fun stories and a modicum of wine in the evenings, there was a lot of laughing!. Our ponies adorned a hillside which made for a lovely sight. Ali had such a brilliant way of weaving a simple but important message through the week, all the time demonstrating with Cookie the principals and qualities in action. No one goes home going "ohh too much to take in". We all went home totally aware of Brace and Being particular… without being critical. We understood it, we practised it, and we played with it in 3 Savvys… I consider the value of a course is what comes home with you in your head and your heart. This was a progressive and very high value course for us all.

Did I mention how much fun it is to train there? The best bits for me were laughing so hard and so often, meeting and seeing how well my fellow students were doing and feeling so inspired. I have a wonderful picture of my horse coming back to me all power and determination, real evidence of improvement! There are many things we can practice alone but when we play together we can practice things we can never practice alone, that was a really special treat. 

still laughing............’

So take the opportunity for a  week of half days to develop your savvy.  Choose a themed session each day  to participate in and enjoy spectating the other  half day session too.  Sessions will be on the arena, in the playfield and on the hill as appropriate.

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Cost     £350       


To book a place please Contact Medina at the Brandy House or contact  Ali ( for further information

Brandy House Schedule

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March 19th 2016

mayicon.jpgSavvy Camp  
May 16th-21st 2016
Alison Jones 

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Equi-Health Canada 

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