Rider Biomechanics


'I was a spectator at the 2 day Biomechanics clinic Fran did at The Brandy House last week.  She taught 1:1 sessions with 5 different horses and riders on the first day and I learnt something new from each session.  Fran was great at teaching each horse and rider what was specific to them, whilst also explaining to those watching why she was using the same or different approach to the previous pair.  The focus of the biomechanics was primarily on the rider but Fran’s natural horsemanship background meant that she was also able to do what the horse needed at any given point as well. 
It was fascinating to see on the second day how both the riders’ and the horses’ positions had altered.  The horses were very naturally stretching and rounding their backs and finding a frame - with no pushing and pulling, just a correction of the riders position and some ‘simple’ (but not easy!) exercises. 
The weather wasn’t the best on day 2, and Richard’s warming soup by the fire was delicious and much appreciated.  Also, the addition of a sheltered spectator area was brilliant!
I have now booked on the upcoming ‘Christmas Special’, and am really looking forward to spending 3 days with my horse experiencing the wonderful hospitality at The Brandy House, coupled with Fran’s great teaching, riding in amazing scenery and an aromatherapy massage!  What more could you want!'

 Luxury rider Biomechanic Weekends

  • Enjoy 2 nights at the Brandy House
  • Improve your riding with AISRB coach Fran Griffith
  • Experience escorted trails on the magnificent Radnorshire Hills with local guides
  • Pamper yourself with a choice of beauty therapies
  • Unwind with a Bowen Treatment
  • Indulge in superb farmhouse hospitality and cuisine

Evening: Rider Biomechanics lecture with a welcome drink followed by supper

Morning: 1:1 Rider Biomechanics lesson (1 hr).  Opportunity to audit other lessons
Afternoon: Half Day Trail Ride (or vice versa)
Early Evening: Choice of Beauty treatments and Bowen Therapy
All meals included

Morning: 1:1 Rider Biomechanics lesson (1hr).  Opportunity to audit other lessons
Afternoon: Half Day Trail Ride (or vice versa) 
Breakfast and Lunch included

£370 per person sharing (£20 single supplement where available)

Price includes 2 nights accommodation with meals as stated, DIY livery for your horse, 2 x half day escorted trail rides, Rider Biomechanics lecture, 2 x 1:1  rider biomechanics lessons and auditing,1 beauty treatment and 1 Bowen Treatment.

Winter Sparkler - Dec 5th - 7th 2014 - Treat yourself to some 'you' time before christmas

May Makeover - may 8th -10th 2015 - Prepare for the season ahead!

June Rhythm & Regularity - June 19th - 21st 2015 - ride to Music - Improve your scores

August Summer Sizzler - August 21st - 23rd 2015 - Have fun in the sun! (weather permitting!!)

Please complete the form below to register your interest in any of the Rider Biomechanics events we are hosting.

 Winter Sparkler (dec 5-7 2014)
 May Makeover (May 8-10 2015)
 June Rhythm & Regularity (June 19-21 2015)
 August Summer Sizzler (Aug 21-23 2015)



Brandy House Schedule


Horse development and starting with Jamie Evans
April 6th -  May 1st 2015


Ride with Jamie
April 5th - May 1st 2015

mayicon.jpgPrivate Lessons with Jamie
May 4th - 8th 2015

mayicon.jpgMay Makeover
May 8 - 10 2015
Rider Biomechanics, Trail Riding and a bit of pampering too
Prepare for the Season ahead

mayicon.jpgSavvy Camp  
May 11-15 2015
with Alison Jones 

junicon.jpgLevel 3-4 Clinic 
June 1-4 2015
with Lyla Cansfield 
 A four day clinic with the opportunity to trail ride in the stunning surrounding countryside.


Rhythm & Regularity
June 19-21 2015
Rider Biomechanics, Trail riding and a bit of pampering too.
Ride to Music and improve your scores

junicon.jpgPOR Training
28th June 2015

julicon.jpgTREC Training Holiday
Jun 30th - July 5th 2015

augicon.jpgSummer Sizzler
Aug 21-23 2015
Rider Biomechanics, trail riding and a bit of pampering too 

sepicon.jpgShared Lessons  
Sep 7th - 11th 2015 
with Sally Brett & Jody Ruysen 

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