Bodywork and Posture Awareness Clinic 

Core Connection for Riders

17th - 19th November 2017

This non-horse clinic is designed for those who are looking to improve their riding by increasing their awareness of their own body and its asymmetries, as well as to improve their core strength and posture. It is ideal for the more mature rider, who is struggling to stay fit. It is also absolutely perfect for anyone looking to get in shape for the Summer!

A bit more information .... 

Humans are naturally left or right handed and as we grow older our asymmetry increases. Most of us collapse more on one side, stand with one shoulder higher than the other or place more weight on one foot than the other. In addition to our asymmetry, all too many of us are overweight and lack muscle tone which exacerbates the asymmetry. To remain healthy and certainly to become better riders we need to take responsibility for our own bodies, become more aware of our posture, and work to improve our suppleness and balance. This is done by a combination of posture analysis, gym ball training and “pilates-style” exercises, all designed specifically for riders.

The Plan ....

The clinic begins with an evening slide show and talk on Rider Biomechanics, followed by a short presentation on how Bowen treatment can help unblock tension within your body.

Then it is time to relax in the Eco Hot-Tub. The Hot-Tub really fits in with Brandy House green ethos - no chemicals - no electricity - no underwater lights -- no plastic - no bubbles, just warm water heated by the fire and an opportunity to star gaze. It is a totally relaxing and de-stressing experience that you will certainly enjoy! The Tub can accommodate 6 people comfortably.

The following morning the first class will cover the importance of correct breathing and introduce a series of preparatory exercises designed to be used before starting core strength training (~ hour and a half). This will be followed by individual posture assessments, both on and off the saddle horse, so you can see how well your ‘boxes’ stack up and whether you have a tendency to weight one side more than the other. During the posture assessments, the other participants will be able to enjoy a Bowen Treatment with qualified Bowen Therapist, Karen Roberts.

The afternoon will begin with a repeat of the preparatory exercises and then a Swiss ball (gym ball) session, before starting a programme of exercises that will help strengthen your core and improve your symmetry (~2 hours).

After the hard work there is time for another hot tub session!
On the Sunday morning we will start with a theory session, before running through our preparatory exercises and taking to the Swiss ball (~ hour and a half). Then there will be time for a coffee before our final exercise class (~1 hour).

Who's this for?  

This clinic is for anyone who wants to
• Improve your body awareness
• Improve your core strength
• Reduce posture-related back pain
• Become a more effective rider
• Increase your confidence in the saddle 
• Have fun

What do I need?

A thick exercise mat and ideally a gym ball (65cm diameter recommended)

Swimming costume, flip-flops and a bathrobe for the Hot Tub

How Much?

The price for the weekend is £130 and includes all talks, lectures and slide shows, posture analysis, gym ball sessions and exercise classes as stipulated, a Bowen treatment and use of the Hot Tub.

How do I book? 

Contact Medina or complete the form below

Accommodation & meals may be booked at normal Brandy House rates


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