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Bodywork and Posture Awareness Clinic 

Core Connection for Riders

16th - 18th March 2018

This non-horse clinic is designed for those who are looking to improve their horse riding by increasing their awareness of their own body and its asymmetries. It is ideal for any rider who would like to be a little fitter as well as the more mature rider.

In addition to being able to check out your alignment and balance on PI, the electronic Posture Indicator horse, you will also be shown exercises, both on the mat and on the Swiss Ball, that will help improve your core strength and posture as well as reduce posture-related back pain.

The clinic begins at 5:00 pm on the Friday evening with a slide show and talk on Rider Biomechanics. 

The next 2 days inclide individual assessment on PI, and ~ 5 hours of fitness classes on both the mat and the ball.

This clinic is for anyone who wants to

Improve body awareness
Improve core strength
Reduce posture-related back pain
Become a more effective rider
Increase confidence in the saddle
Have fun

The price for the weekend is £100 and includes lecture and slide show, posture analysis, individual half hour PI session, auditing of other PI sessions and all gym ball and exercise classes as stipulated.

The weekend also includes use of the Hot Tub. (Bring Swimming costume, flip-flops and a bathrobe)

Please note you will need a thick exercise mat and ideally a Swiss (gym).

It is very important that your ball is the right size for you.

Booking is online via Fran's Website and book on line

Accommodation and meals may be booked at normal Brandy House Rates - book direct with us at Brandy House once you have booked your course place. 


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