Animal Learning Theory 

5 day immersion into applied animal learning theory (August 18th - 22nd 2014)

with Maxine Easey

Max explains the science behind how animals learn both by association and by consequences and how commonly used horse training systems make use of that. She demystifies the use of positive reinforcement and explains how to use it both instead of as well as alongside pressure and release based systems such as those advocated by natural horsemanship trainers. This is emphatically not clicker training for teaching tricks. Max is very much into riding horses for pleasure and using this approach to train functional behaviours on the ground on line or at liberty and ridden. Any behaviour can be improved using positive reinforcement. Max empowers you to make different choices about how to train things in different ways if you want to do that after hearing the information.

Max’s aim is to give both horses and their owners more choice in their lives. She does this by introducing open-minded horse owners to ways of being with and teaching horses functional things that can dramatically reduce the amount of pressure to which horses are routinely subjected in training and handling.

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Animal Learning Theory Courses

augicon.jpg5 Day Immersion in Applied Animal Learning Theory
18-22nd August 2014
Maxine Easey