Rider Biomechanics

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  • Rider Biomechanics & Trail Ride Pick & Mix 
    Sat, Sun & Mon 28/29/30 June 2014 

Biomechanics is the mechanics of how the body moves. Be it human, horse or any other animal. We all move in a mechanical way which can be tested, trained and improved.

helps improve performance,
helps you get the competitive edge,
helps you sit in a stronger safer position,
helps you to ride long hours without discomfort or pain.

‘In Rider Biomechanics we don’t just look at movement, we look at WHY things happen. It’s not just “look up and get your heels down”, but WHY did your heels come up in the first place and WHY do you need them down? It looks at the rest of your anatomy to make sure you’re sitting in a strong and safe position’

Fran Griffith

Fran is a Level One Coach in Rider Biomechanics and a member of the International Society of Rider Biomechanics.  She has trained under Colleen Kelly, who is  President of the Society.

Fran teaches individual private lessons so on clinic days you will have the opportunity to have a 1:1 lesson each day and also the option of auditing others lessons through the day.

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 Talk & Posture Assessment,
 Individual session,
 March weekend,
 June Pick & Mix,


'Having seen Coleen Kelly at Aintree last February I was really looking forward to experiencing rider biomechanics for myself. Fran came over to the Brandy House and taught 2 days so we were lucky to have 2 individual sessions each and to learn from watching the others having their lessons. 2 things struck me; 1: how nice it was to have 'riding lessons' and the other thing was to feel the change in my horses & to see the change in others' horses. They all without exception changed in their going. They moved forward freely, transitions were looking lovely and horses were carrying themselves. What was great was that Fran was able to construct the session according not only to what the rider needed to be doing but to what the horse needed too. She dealt with each session skilfully taking on board where the horses emotions were and her attitude of no brace enabled the horses to all find relaxation through the session .. I for one cant wait til my next session and i think my horses are hugely grateful for my new found seat which means they actually can be less on their forehand!! I now feel fabulously secure in my seat and the great thing is that I can practice the exercises on the trail as well as in the arena!'