A bit about Trec

Trec is designed to test navigation skills, control of horse's paces and ability to tackle a variety of obstacles & challenges. It has developed from the expertise required by horse and human while out hacking. There are three phases - orienteering on horseback (POR), control of paces (CoP) and cross-country/obstacle course (PTV). It was originally developed in France (hence the names of the three phases POR, CoP & PTV) and there is lots of information on the BHS website.

A bit about how we set up each phase for you on a Fun Trec

CoP Control of paces

  • Over a marked distance (50, 75 or 100 m depending on whether we use the arena or playfield) riders canter away as slowly as they can, and return at walk as quickly as they can without breaking gait or stepping outside the track.                 

PTV Cross country obstacle course

  • Practice over our ever growing range of permanent and temporary obstacles on the arena and on the playfield. 

  • Obstacles are designed to simulate aspects of countryside riding, for example, riding or leading up/down hills, opening gates, crossing water, bridges, remounting, etc

POR Map reading and Orienteering on Horseback

  • There will be unmanned check points and tickets along the POR route with suggested speeds of between 6 & 10 km/hour. Riders can have a card to record their times and identify the tickets should they so wish.

  • Guides are available for a simulated POR. This can be guided from the front or behind so you really get the opportunity to map read without the risk of getting seriously lost but also learning to navigate by terrain only (no roads, not many signs & bridlepath signs that point to open grassland!)

  • Riders have 10 minutes to mark up the route from the master.

  • The maps provided will be on a 1:25,000 scale (4cm/km). 

  • Departure time will be recorded in the map room 

  • We set up check points and tickets which work for routes of differing distances and for those riders who want to ride out more than on the POR day that is a possibility marking your own maps and using The Brandy House Route Portfolio