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Medina rides the hills regularly and with unlimited off-road riding on the doorstep you are spoilt for choice.  She has put together a selection of her favourite routes fro get you started 

Our route portfolio contains routes for you to copy onto your own maps ranging from 5 to 25 miles and and if you want to ride further she can help you plan that too. 

We suggest that you transpose the routes to your own maps as they will be clearer to see.

We have also uploaded them onto OSmaps so that you can download the portfolio to use with gps on your smartphone . Routes are numbered 1-18 Search for 'BHF Route' & a number to find them

You will need Explorer Maps (214 and if you wish to go furher afield up on to the Offas Dyke then you will need  201) Landranger Maps do not give enough detail and we would discourage you from riding with them)

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May 6 - May 10 2019
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Aug 27th - Aug 31st 2019
Sally Brett 

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Oct 5th - 7th  2018
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