Things to Do in Wales

This is a rural area in stunningly beautiful scenery and off the beaten track.  We overlook the valley of The River Teme which creates the border between England and Wales.

The surrounding area is ideal for exploring by foot, bike or horse. With our knowledge of the surrounding area, here at Brandy House we can provide you with a variety of routes to follow depending on the length and intensity that you want.  

Within a short distance there are lots of interesting things to see and do, including:
-Powis Castle
-Abbey CwmHir Hall
-Judges Lodging
-Offas Dyke Centre
...and much much more... 

Tricounty Tours offer personalised tours in their VW shuttle minibus (seating up to 8 guests) to suit your own tastes and budget across Powys, Shropshire and Herefordshire.   Take the high roads to hills and mountains, the low roads to the valleys and lakes and a variety of other spectacular and beautiful routes across this enchanting borderland - why not get in touch with them? 

Brandy House Events

mayicon.jpgParelli Savvy Camp  
April 29 -May 3 2019
May 6 - May 10 2019
Alison Zeund 

augicon.jpgHorsemanship week
Aug 27th - Aug 31st 2019
Sally Brett 

octicon.jpgTREC Experience
Oct 5th - 7th  2018
Your Horse is your mirror 

Your Horse Adventures

for place to place trail riding